Hit The Road Jack

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Sheena By TheRedDelilah Updated 4 years ago
And he goes boinking my sister... the nerve. (For matured audience only or well, read at your own risk if you are under 18)
Hahaha!  This is amazing.. I love her attitude! If I was in her place I'd do the same & oh yeah would have added a good kick where the sun don't shine!
                                    Was this inspired by jack's story?
OMG! I love this! I accidently  came across this story and it is so good!
hehe this is funny! my book white room has adult content in the first chapter, but mine's more of a thriller, you's works well with comedy! if ou want to check it out the link's here http://www.wattpad.com/story/326135-white-room
                                    I really like this book :)
gud 4 her!
                                    marry his bro and she shud kiss his sorry @$$ good bye
                                    pfft @$$h0le
                                    if dat were me. . .he'd be infertile so he cud sleep with my sister day & nyt & dat wont mean $hit 2 me
OHMYGOD! I was just listening to BEFORE HE CHEATS for the last week. I was also thinking about it when I started readingthe description and then BANG! it appears. I love this! IloveitIloveitIloveit! Voted! Fanned!
I love how she didn't just run away crying like a coward. Yes she has guts! Go girl xD
                                    And yeah what she said you scum on my shoe -_-