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Mr.Haughty And His Muslimah

Mr.Haughty And His Muslimah

17.6K Reads 1.3K Votes 12 Part Story
The Alpha Hijabi❤ By sara508 Updated Jul 04

#70 in spiritual -31/07/16 _
                          Farishta Nazar, an alluring persona complimented with a beautiful frame. Carefree, wild and reckless are the adjectives her life features and troublemaker is the pet-name she had always been crowned with. Yet ironical, how well she with a smile, shields the scars and taints imprinted on the deepest chamber of her soul. Her luxuriant beauty and lavish charms often make the boys awestruck for her, whereas, having reminded herself not to fall for ephemeral worldly desires what happens when she falls for someone who apparently appears to be quite her rival?  
                          Zaid Yemen, a ogle-worthy dominating sexy multi -millionaire mogul, mafia leader well admired and feared for his uniquely chiselled intimidating personality. Whilst the world trembles at the mention of this savage merciless beast, his looks and haughty self just spices to what all girls crave for. His egoistic self and macho cold-hearted demeanor makes him the center of attention despite his ruthless behavioral code.
                          What would Zaid do when his frozen ignorant heart starts to melt by the softness of the very girl he hates to bits and bites. What happens when despite their differences and between their hatred love starts to embark in their heart through the revelation of rough past and dark perilous secrets. Would not their retaliation be disastrous or would it ?__
         --- A romantic story framed and canvassed with mix colored palate of action, revenge, betrayal and extraordinary love.
            Caution ⚠ •Copyright-All rights reserved •No Haram Police

muskajani1 muskajani1 Aug 17, 2016
this is an amazing way to start of this book.. yet ive read the other chapters and have no idea a) whos pov this is in b) what this has o do with the rest of the book
                              but seriously..well done on the prologue its fantastic
krazy_kiddo1234 krazy_kiddo1234 Dec 14, 2016
Hey loved your work and the way you write!!!I've also written a story "it all started with baking ". try it out and let me know your opinion!
mal_liha mal_liha Oct 25, 2016
Your writing style is descrptive as well as beautiful . I am going to like this story . Keep it up
jabdulkader jabdulkader Jan 06
Whoa...this has me hooked. I love your descriptive writing and the tension you build up is just unimaginable...good job
kinzashiza kinzashiza Jan 08
It is very interesting, your description is great! MashaAllah. :))
saimaaaaaa saimaaaaaa Aug 07, 2016
Lmfao i had to search through the dictionary for half of these words😜😂 but it was really good❤