The Dragon's Secret Treasure and Other Short Stories

The Dragon's Secret Treasure and Other Short Stories

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The Dragon's Secret Treasure: A young woman named Damara is taken from her village by a mysterious stranger as dragons force the other villagers to flee. The stranger takes Damara to a nearby mountain, the home of the dragons, where she soon learns that not all is as it seems, and she has less to fear from the dragons than she ever did at home.

To Steal A Dragon's Heart: Raina is the princess of Asilia, and daughter to the first king to ever form an alliance with dragons. Oriel is First Lord of the Mountains and the eldest brother of the fiercest dragons known to man and beast. When Raina is captured by men of Leert Sùùl, the dragons form a plan to rescue King Elric's only heir. Raina has never felt the need to fear the dragons, and upon meeting them for the first time, finds only Oriel to be intimidating. Even so, she feels drawn to the dragon in a way she cannot understand.

The Dragon By The River: Karlene has never felt at home on her uncle's farm. Between the constant nagging of her aunt, and the many suitors seeking to make her a farmer's wife, she finds peace only between the covers of books. Only her uncle and a shopkeeper understand the longing she has for a different life. But everything changes the day Karlene meets Acheron, one of the five dragon lords living in Asilia.

Winter With A Dragon: Eira and her brother Garvin grew up on the streets. They know hardship more than most, and do their best to help those in need. The Dragon's Claw tavern is their home, and has a reputation as a safe haven for people with secrets. But when a mysterious stranger is found in the snow during the midwinter celebration, Eira and Garvin discover that some secrets may be hard to keep.

The Dragon's Storm: Malin lost her best friend to dragons a few years ago. Hoping to discover and destroy what dragons hold dear, she travels to their home in the mountains only to find that not all tales are true, and dragons are not as dreadful as she has heard.

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