Don't Hurt Her

Don't Hurt Her

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huckleberrypics By huckleberrypics Updated Nov 11

"Let me go!" I heard someone yell.

"Shh, Zay do you hear that?" 

"Let me go!" I heard once more.

"Shit! It's Maya!" I yelled to Zay and ran inside the house.


"Lucas? What's going on?" She said groggy.

"Maya... I- how- how much did you see." 

"Lucas answer my question what the hell is going on!" 

"Maya calm down," I said trying to go close to her but she flinched and quickly backed up. 
I wonder what happened to Maya? I guess you have to read to find out

Great story. I'm just going to tell you that this is 3rd person. Sorry, yeah I'm that type of person. I love the story so far!
Whoa whoa is this some teen wolf chiz what the fudge is wrong with his eyes??