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The Love Of A King (bxb)

The Love Of A King (bxb)

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Valentine love By kantmiss9785 Updated Mar 05

When given the opportunity to serve at the Kings castle, Sunni was more than excited to grasp at the chance. Of course he had he had his doubts and fear laced through him. No matter what, he was driven by determination. He planned to use the money earned to aid the orphanage he was raise in. 

He was certainly grateful towards the mysterious elderly woman who had given the news about a job in the castle. The job he knew was decent  but he didn't expect to meet the powerful dominating king and later on receive his trust and he seems quite attached to Sunni. Sunni didn't predict the kings sudden growing love for him or rather inhuman obsession. Sunni didn't deserve the result of having King Taizan of Dusanma Kingdom to fall for him. 

He didn't want the love of a ruthless, obsessive and rather harsh King. Sunni later understands that being by the kings side is crucial and he is the only warmth that can melt the Kings stone cold heart.

Techno626 Techno626 Aug 13, 2016
Sunni is what you would call amazing...   he wants to share with others and expects nothing in return but their happiness..
OuzSterg OuzSterg Sep 04, 2016
I saw the title then read the summary, and I was weirded out bc I was pretty sure u weren't the author. I'm so glad u picked this up. I was disappointed before when I suddenly saw they story gone from the original author.
*on the outside* I'm fine *on the inside* an extreme, universal sized storm of sadness obliterated my heart!
TheMasterTara TheMasterTara Sep 28, 2016
This is a really good start and a great idea. I hope you continue to write because I can tell you now, I know this is going to be a great read.
YohSyen YohSyen Aug 30, 2016
I am 6 chapters in and I am really digging the story! It just got to a really big climax, too!
usmell101 usmell101 Jun 17, 2016
Good luck! And thanks for the credit. I hope this story becomes successful and have fun with it. If you have any questions please let me know. :)