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A Tale Of Two Cities (Bryson Tiller Completed)

A Tale Of Two Cities (Bryson Tiller Completed)

30.3K Reads 1.5K Votes 36 Part Story
Pen Griffey By AlsinaxTiller Completed

(The Sequel To The Assistant)

NajaTiller NajaTiller Jun 03, 2016
Ahhhhhhhhhh get back together all damn ready..  I know this is only the beginning of the sequel but this book so lit it should have another sequel
julieth2401 julieth2401 Jul 10, 2016
Should've thought about it when you were getting your d!ck wet, n!&&@...
TheRealWritter TheRealWritter Jun 20, 2016
I see what you did there "You got my soul" -In my horrible Bryson's voice
YoMuvaHoe YoMuvaHoe Jul 02, 2016
Omg I already like this book 😭 any ting Drake goes for me cuz that's mi Papi 😋💕💦
Tia_Dope Tia_Dope Jun 02, 2016
😭😭😭 TEARS 😭 from now on I think every time I hear Exchange I'm gonna think of the video
FoodStampzz FoodStampzz Jun 02, 2016
That Message &&I The Little Girl &&I The Disneyland && The Costume💙 .. I Was Gonna Start Crying 😢💕 This Chapter Is Great