Married Since Young(sasunaru)

Married Since Young(sasunaru)

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They get married when since they are young.
naruto  was 7 years old
While sasuke is 9 years.old
But they part after their marriage
The company of the uchiha in the kiri
Has been being down and they have to manage it and that's why they part
They promise to each other that they will not going to find another love

But years passed they slowly forgetting each other,11 years pass naruto  18
While sasuke was 20,uchiha family will be back at the konoha
But the problem is will they going to remember each other?
And be the same when they are young?

My summarization was messed but i hope you like this story
Didn't own naruto  characters

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thatsashippergirl thatsashippergirl Sep 03, 2017
Who else readx this for the fifth time but forgot to vote only me Oh oke
SasuNaru_Zolu_YAOI SasuNaru_Zolu_YAOI Jun 08, 2016
This is really good!! I can't wait to see how they meet and all!!! XD
Hikaruandkaoru101 Hikaruandkaoru101 Feb 21, 2017
Damn these kids move faster than I ever will!!! Just to think that soon everyone I know will grow up and get married and have kids while I'm still a loner who lives in a house filled with fish.
shino_is_my_bae shino_is_my_bae Nov 02, 2016
                              If someone dies the feels with hurt like a bîtch ;~;