Bully characters x reader (one shots)

Bully characters x reader (one shots)

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Kasey By NotBrokeJustBxnt Updated 3 days ago

I've been obsessed with Bully since I was seven, and the characters are just amazing. So I have decided to create a collection of one shots. 

I tend to get carried away while writing these, so some stories will possibly (unintentionally) be borderline smut. 

Original Stories. 1st person p.o.v. Feel free to request a character if I haven't made one with them, or if you just want to read more with them in it. With or without ideas for the story is fine too. If it's a good plot, i'll try, and give you credit for the idea. Just message me.

Feel free to vote/comment/follow/message

I can imagine at Petes height itd be hard for him to wrap his hands around my waist