Beta's young mate

Beta's young mate

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Faith Adams is a 10 year old girl who lives with an abusive father also a pack leader of the blood hounds her father  drinks, and beats her. He even lets his pack beat her She feels alone in the world.that is until she meets 16 year old Ashton ridge.

Ashton isn't the typical teenage boy he is a beta second in command in his pack the red moons pack, he has loving parents and friends and he loves his pack. Ashton has always wanted to find his mate and when his alpha (Ricky) brings home a 10 year old girl who so happens to be his mate what will he do

Will faith trust Ashton? Will Ashton save faith from her horrible pack? 
Read on and find out

just one more thing please dont steal my book idea its really annoying when people steal other peoples ideas and i just want to put this out there all of this book is from my imagination and i hpe you all enjoy.

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GarbageInTheTrash GarbageInTheTrash Aug 04, 2017
I already feel uncomfortable because of the title oohhhh godddd
faithfulbooklover04 faithfulbooklover04 Aug 03, 2017
Mine too, finally I can't ever find a main character named Faith
GarbageInTheTrash GarbageInTheTrash Aug 04, 2017
So... a little bit of critique, it's too choppy, and things go along a little bit too fast, so, maybe work on that, but it's good!
Arnee03 Arnee03 May 03
So poor thing 😭😭, how can a Father be so cruel and girl Best Friend is always DADDY
Heavenly_heart123 Heavenly_heart123 Nov 24, 2016
I love it even though I'm only on the first chapter it still sounds like it's gonna be an amazing book 😃
iranoutofspaceforan- iranoutofspaceforan- Jun 06, 2016
This is sooo sad....😢😢 I can't wait to read the rest!!!!