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Belle's Story

Belle's Story

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   We finished in no time and I smiled at the fact that I won't be here for another thirty minutes today. "Thank you Latet." She nodded. "I have a question though."

   "What is it?" I walked closer to her, wrapping my arm around her waist. She sucked in a breath, staring at me with curious, wide eyes. 

   I leaned closer so our lips were almost touching, ours breaths mingling. "Did you actually feel anything when you kissed me? Or did you just do it to calm me down?" She stared at me, her breathing a bit harsh. 

   "I-I don't k-know." I frowned. "I'm j-just s-so confused." I smirked a bit. 

    "What do you want Latet? You are are just so confusing," I whispered and brushed my lips gently across hers. "So tell me what you want." She blinked up at me, her beautiful brown eyes half lidded with a confused look in her eyes. 

   "I-I don't kn-"

   "It's not that hard. Just say what you're thinking."

   "Kiss me."
Belle has had a semi normal life but after an accident her best friend caused she is ripped away from that comfort she has grown used to. Her parents move her to a new town in a new state and now she has to adjust to a new school. At first she hated it but then she met a shy girl with short black hair who she just needed to get to know. Belle couldn't help it. She was intrigued by this girl who seemed too shy to speak, who ran almost every time they saw each other, who Belle happened to fall in love with.

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- - Jun 03, 2016
This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
                              Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
                              It's our town, everybody scream
                              In this town of Halloween
TheStrangerOfLife TheStrangerOfLife Jun 02, 2016
This is amazing already. I am starting a quote board is it okay if I put this as a quote on the board? : "I have one exception... she is my exception. "
pizzaisbetter pizzaisbetter Jun 02, 2016
Cool 😊 look good
                              Just fyi not hating or anything but you missed out the word hair in the book description not hugely important but \('•')/
SerenityR0se SerenityR0se Jun 04, 2016
I was torn when I had to move at a young age, it's hard, especially leaving loved ones behind and just the memories them self are painful to let go.