Broken Hearts || LDShadowLady & SmallishBeans

Broken Hearts || LDShadowLady & SmallishBeans

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Lizzie and Joel was one of the most perfect couple in the YouTube world. But that perfection changed when he cheats on her. Read to find out whether Lizzie and Joel do make up and be the most perfect couple again! 

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omg I'm sorry I had two pets but my mom sold my favourite one 😢
Btw just saying not to be mean but in this chapter u put bot instead of not
Oh dear.. RIP, I have 3... Used to have 5, one of my dogs died from old age and the other dog killed my rabbit so yeah.. We all learnt a lesson, DOGS ARE NOT FRIENDS WITH RABBITS🐶🐰! I also have a bird and I lizard 🕊🐉
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