Broken Hearts | LDShadowLady and SmallishBeans Fanfiction

Broken Hearts | LDShadowLady and SmallishBeans Fanfiction

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anna By annacadett Updated Jan 04

Lizzie D. Yes, you read that right - the one and only - LDShadowLady. Lizzie is dating Joel - the famous SmallishBeans. They were the most perfect couple in the youtube universe, but that perfection was gone when Joel cheats and another boy falls for her.

trigger warning: mentions of self harm, eating disorders and some curse words.
             - read at your own risk - 

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omg I'm sorry I had two pets but my mom sold my favourite one 😢
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I used to have two cats but we sold one of them. Now we only have the six year old girl called Dora
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Oh dear.. RIP, I have 3... Used to have 5, one of my dogs died from old age and the other dog killed my rabbit so yeah.. We all learnt a lesson, DOGS ARE NOT FRIENDS WITH RABBITS🐶🐰! I also have a bird and I lizard 🕊🐉
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What the heck I'm way fatter than that😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭