broken hearts | ldshadowlady and smallishbeans fanfiction [EDITING]

broken hearts | ldshadowlady and smallishbeans fanfiction [EDITING]

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[ e d i t i n g ] disclaimer: this story is very cringey, unrealistic and being heavily edited. READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK I WROTE THIS AT 11. 

in which a boy falls in love with his friend's pink-haired girlfriend.

Once I look inside I realized that it was that bad. Clothes were scattered around the room. And most of them I didn't recognize. 

"D-Did you-" I stuttered, but paused for a second to think. "Joel, babe. Please, tell me that Thea stayed over. I close the door quickly, the images of the room flashing in your head. I could only imagine what happened in there. 

"I- The rumors, they were all true. All true. I can't believe it, I... don't know what to say," I could feel the tears climbing up to my eyes. 

"We need to break up." Those five words. I didn't expect it to come out of Joel's mouth. He didn't stutter, at all. He meant it. "What?" I stared at him. "We need to break up, Lizzie." he repeated. "But I-" "It's not you, it's me." He held my hands. "I didn't want to either." I let myself fall on the couch, with my head in my hands, silently crying. "Lizzie... I'm sorry."

And that was it. My life was officially over. Congrats fans, you did your worst - Jizzie is finally over.

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None of this offends me, but short chapters? HELL NAH! 
                              (Just kidding I've read this book three times and I'm obsessed <3)