YouTube Highschool(Make your own choices)

YouTube Highschool(Make your own choices)

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MineSimmer By MineSimmer_260 Updated Jun 02

This is a book where you make all the decisions I give you. Chose wisely, what you chose affects the story. I will tell you what next part to go to after you make the decisions. You will meet all sorts of friends, and you will hopefully have fun reading this. You can read this book over and over of all of this, hope you enjoy. Also, this book is as much of an A.U. as a FanFiction so if they're any difference in the other characters it's because of the A.U.

Yes in some story lines you will be killed because I write a different scenario for each choice and that's a lot of writing if there isn't some death.
Welcome to "YouTube High" as it's called. You are the "new kid." You ask, "How is that possible? It's the beginning of the year?" Well, here at YouTube High it's rare to have a new kid.

You will meet many new friends or just some friends. I don't know that's up to you. Every choice is important.

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