SeaChaos: High School AU

SeaChaos: High School AU

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Ryan(him)/Angel(her) By AngelTheGamer Completed

This is a story that has YouTubers in it, and is mainly based around SeaChaos but will definitely have other YouTubers and possibly other ships in it as well. EVERYTHING UNEDITED so there is bound to be mess ups. We're all fallible, deal with it.

Anthony, also known as "Chilled", is a new student. When he comes to the school, he only knows one person. Other than Michelle ("Minx"), he knows absolutely no one. This school never gets new students- how will everyone feel about him? Will he fit in? Will people like him?

Adam, also known as "Nanners", is a popular kid. He never pays attention in class, always pulls pranks, disturbs others by always making comments and talking, yet somehow he still has average/okay grades. Obviously he could do better, but he's a huge procrastinator and doesn't like others telling him what to do. He's a player and has dated a large amount of people at the school, but mostly people outside of the school. The new kid, Anthony, manages to catch his eye and make him feel a way he has never truly felt before. Will he be able to get Anthony's attention, too? Or will Anthony not trust Adam's feelings just because of his reputation?

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