Can't Run From Love  (Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver X Reader)

Can't Run From Love (Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver X Reader)

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Rachael By raethegeekywriter Updated Sep 19


This is for all of those girls who are in love with the Quicksilver that didn't die of a gun wound. 
Y/N L/N thought she was just another young girl. No different that any other five year old in Maryland. That is until she creates a telepathic link to a young mutant who kills himself. Her parents realize what she is and tell her. For eleven years her telepathy goes through fazes and during that time she befriends a total dork named Peter Maximoff.  
I do not take credit for any of the characters or ideas with this. That belongs to Marvel.

momo2245657 momo2245657 Sep 07
Wow little me is very amazing*touches heart*you have inspired me to do things😌
momo2245657 momo2245657 Sep 08
NOOOOOOOO*starts to cry from memory of xaviers death*WHY DID IT HAVE TO HAPPENNNNN
roxannawolf roxannawolf Oct 19
I had a stuffed caterpillar named Mr. Snuffy. Then I had a girl one and her name was mrs.snuffy. then I had a sock monkey named mr.momo sometime Pete because I liked that name when I was little