Different - Hinata Shoyo X Fem!Reader

Different - Hinata Shoyo X Fem!Reader

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A highschool girl who starts going to Karasuno. Her mother and little sister died in an accident when she was young. She lived with her father who would abuse her everyday, but one day she left living on her own. No friends, no neighbors or family she could rely on but everything changed when she meets this redhead boy named Hinata Shoyo an energetic, happy, short boy who brings light to her world. What will happen? Will they become friends or will feelings develop for each other? Will Hinata save (Y/n) from her dark past? Or will he let her fall?


*Haikyuu and pictures do not belong to me they belong to their rightful owner!*
Please enjoy and sorry if you don't like it it's my first book so please understand. I never said I was a good writer soo....yeah sorry!
Oh also may contain spoilers so again sorry!!!


Update: (6/5/17) Thx to everyone for the 8k and votes, never did I imagine that this book would go that far. (≧∇≦)
Update: (7/7/17) Woah! 9k views doesn't sound a lot but to me it does (・ω・)ノ
Update: (7/19/17) 10k!!!!!!!!
Update: (8/16/17) 11k!
Update: (9/14/17) 12k! Mind blown~
Update: (10/22/17) 13k

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_Lilium_00 _Lilium_00 Jun 04, 2017
Lol. I wonder how many more Michelles' are there in this world. (≧∇≦)
Foxy_Kitsune_ Foxy_Kitsune_ Aug 19, 2016
Duuuuuude things are about to get real I wonder who the person stalking me is!!!!
Ariehappy Ariehappy Dec 06, 2016
I'm June 15 Man !! Wait ... My friend's birthday is also on June 19 !!