A Hidden Kindness pt1 (Complete)

A Hidden Kindness pt1 (Complete)

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Second place winner, fanfiction,  for DIAMOND STAR AWARDS and best cover for DIAMOND STAR AWARDS. 
A huge thank you to DSA as this is my first ever award and means so much!!!!!
This book has also received third place in another award ANGELIC ANIME AWARDS and I'm so grateful I really love this story and it's nice to see it get some recognition!!!
Cover made by @Zainab_naseer thank you so much 

Her hair started to change colour, her tears began to turn to sobs and she rubbed her eyes as they began to sting. 
"It's not fair!" She screamed and her eyes darkened over and Kakashi ran to her. 
"Melody!" He said as he shook her shoulders, but she couldn't hear him only another darker voice.
Yes pup, release that sadness, unbind my chains.

Join young Melody on her journey to make new friends, battle enemies and discover what it really means to be a Shinobi. 
Melody has a dark secret but an ever loving outlook on life, but come read as she struggles to grasp just who she really is and how much does the Hidden Leaf Village know.

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2nd place winner - Diamond Star Awards!
Best cover winner - Diamond Star Awards!
3rd place winner - Angelic Anime Awards!

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Since the focus of the previous paragraph was on Melody, this dialogue should be part of it.
Excessive use of punctuations ain't necessary for emphasis.  Just use one or if you wanna use two exclamation marks at most.
It's not necessary but the formatting would look more consistent if you put spaces between dialogue as you do between your other paragraphs.
Thoughts don't need quotation marks. And, you've already italicised it, so it's good. 👍
You've used periods in nearly all of your speech tags up until this point. Speech tags should follow a comma.
I do suggest putting this in italics rather than all caps. It would have the same effect.