The Shadows || X-men Apocalypse

The Shadows || X-men Apocalypse

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"Angle run!" I heard Charles cry out as I gasped, once I heard a bullet being fired behind me. I looked back, to see Raven pointing the gun at Erik who was standing at least 8 feet away from me. 

Erik dropped down on his knees, covering his neck with his hand where Raven shot right through from. My eyes widened as I listened to the clanking of multiple guns being set, right above me. I picked up my head, only to spot several guns circling around me. 

"Erik?" I spoke as I took a step back, watching as each of the guns slowly aimed directly at me. "Please forgive me Angle. This is for our future." Erik told me as he held his hand out, controlling the metal in each of these guns which were about to fire at me.

"Erik don't!" I heard Charles cry out as a darkening grew inside me, betrayal. I never thought it would end this way, especially not from him. Not Erik. But that's not the Erik I know, that's Magneto. 

"No!" Raven yelled, lunging her way towards Erik. But she was too lat...

irradiated irradiated Nov 14, 2016
Idk if that's a typo but there's already two angels in the xmen universe so I can totally did angle