Things wrong with the Walking Dead fanfics

Things wrong with the Walking Dead fanfics

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❝Aimee❞ By GlennTrash Updated Sep 30

Are you new to the Walking Dead fandom? Or do you just want to improve your grammar? 
I aim to help readers and writers of all capabilities to be the best they can be. 
Just don't get offended. 

Started: 04-06-16

Copyright © 2016 GlennTrash

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The walker readers might not have feelings but they will still eat you if u insult them ya know
grimeflakes grimeflakes Oct 08
*votes on every chapter because is afraid of being a ghost reader*
Lilykitt Lilykitt Jun 30
Sorry if I don't vote for a while, wattpad won't let me vote because I voted on almost every chapter of a meme book that had around 200 chapters😵
edstheticx edstheticx May 21
I will honestly use this book for advice, because tbh I need it
Stxrfish Stxrfish Aug 09
I have a book sorta similar to this one so that's pretty cool. Not related to the walking dead specifically obvs
I love how serious she is and she still includes 'stuff and thangs' XD