The Unforgiving Reality we Live in (skylox)

The Unforgiving Reality we Live in (skylox)

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No longer Online By spiritmoon2002 Updated Dec 02, 2016

Ty Ellis is a quiet boy, reciting his life as if it were just a poem. A boy of age 21, his life is just ahead of him. But all of that isn't what he wanted. He used to be happy, outgoing. But when he was 20, just a year ago, he was raped. How could this take a turn? Ty no longer likes talk. As a child, he was cute. Now older, he hasn't lost his cuteness. No one can resist him, the girls pry and the boys blush. Too bad that he's a hard shell to crack. 

The other, Adam Dahlberg, lives up to his family name. Handsome, proud, confident, awarding, chick-magnet, he even went to Harvard. Now he's looking for somewhere to settle down, with his happy life. But reality hasn't forgiven him yet. He stumbles upon his rival back in college, whose won victory over the girl they once fought over. But now he wants to end this war once and for all.

In such an unforgiving reality, they find out that forgiveness is not to let something go, but to give something another reason to move forward.

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Dah_Cassanuva_ID Dah_Cassanuva_ID Aug 14, 2016
This is so god damn amazing I feel so small compared to your works!
Pastel_PawPrints Pastel_PawPrints Aug 13, 2016
This is so good!!!! I can tell this is gonna be so amazing!!! I wish I could write as great as you! I'm okay but you're way better!💙
MercilessSilence MercilessSilence Aug 13, 2016
This is amazing, you have amazing writing skills.... Damn I wish I was this good.