Billionaire Brother

Billionaire Brother

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The Cheaters Club By TheCheatersClub Updated Aug 01

Carol Willoughby Sainton the tenth has it all. Money, women, looks, even a castle with its own ghost. Not to mention he's set to inherit the family title. But what he doesn't have is Cicily-the only girl he ever loved. 

Sent to New York to spend time with his "perfect" older brother, Holden, Saint discovers Cicily is working at the Cheaters Club. All the girls, including Cicily throw themselves at Holden like he's some sort of god. 

In an effort to get back the woman he loves, and gain more power, Saint uses his brother's past against him to prove he isn't worthy to be the President of the Cheaters Club.

Written By: @DebbieGoelz & @Brink1314

@DebbieGoelz This looks awesome!  Can't wait to see what you have in story for us :)
Okay, so maybe you did get sort-of stuck in what appears to be some sort of deranged green submarine for children, but your fur-lined boots are on fleek, and that's what really matters.
ChrisBuono ChrisBuono Jun 08
Liked how you worked "shagging" into the tale's sneak peek text,  @DebbieGoelz .  Nice hooks.  Intriguing.
And ooooh, Saint is going with the flow of the ocean... I like that.  That works for me!
Uber Posh!  Love it!  Added to library, there's no way I'm missing this!
MinionO1 MinionO1 Jun 14
I love you Madame!!!! <3 <3 <3
                              Still beautiful as ever!!!
                              -Minion #1