Anonymous || Phan AU

Anonymous || Phan AU

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*Trigger warning; May be triggering to certain people, triggers will be stated at the start of each chapter.*
[Not the most original idea but I'll try to make the story original]
Phil, one of the least popular kids in school, starts to receive anonymous messages.

Just one problem, who are they from?

[COMPLETED 18th August 2016]

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The one you'd pound in the floor and get married with and have 25817733926738482 kids and adopt all of the phandom
LolImTrashx LolImTrashx Jul 27
Me: oh music good! 
                              *blue screen*
                              NOT TODAY SATAN. 
                              *joins black parade with dan*
Anyone remember Mr Maker? 
                              I am a triangle 
                              I am a square
                              I am a rectangle
                              I am a circle
                              We are the shapes
                              We are the shapes
starryphil starryphil Jul 30
it's the expired tangerine you threw in the trash prematurely
starryphil starryphil Jul 30
a bug just flew onto my touchscreen and i threw my phone against the wall.
Well hello my highschool dan you know you love him highschool dan ATTACK!