Wild Ride - The Persistent Process of Taming Ava Huxley [Wattys2016]

Wild Ride - The Persistent Process of Taming Ava Huxley [Wattys2016]

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Agatha Lambert By aggie23FF Updated 2 days ago

Ava Huxley. Horse rider and trainer. 
Brave as any man, she ran her home estate with a passion and love like no other. 
Having lived there almost her whole life, and thanks to her father and his partner, Mr. Alfred Harlowe, Ava learned how to run the stud farm. She devoted everything to her animals, the care of the property and her employees. With her alluring complexion and wit, she could achieve anything. Her temper, though, was like her mother's. Fiery, territorial, tenacious. 
That's why when Mr. Harlowe's unacknowledged son, James Harlowe, arrived from London to claim what was his, Ava made no effort to hide her wild nature.

In the blink of an eye, everything was flipped upside down in Devon, England. 
What was at first a battle for control between Ava and James, will soon become something deeper, something no one was expecting.

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Cover made by the amazing @LotteHolder

                              I love the way you narrate, that even just reading the first paragraph, it already made me feel something, which is a really good thing. You have a really good voice.
shinyarmor shinyarmor Jul 08
Hahaha excited <3 but u really didn't give any hint about the plot :( ...but still, as long as u continue writing xoxo
I love how you end this. Your description and details were good. I actually love your MC. Can't wait to meet James and see the two reaction.
                              Good start!
Wow! Okay, so this chapter has me completely trapped into reading this book. I cannot wait to read further, but sadly there is a pile of assignments that i need to complete. Will be back soon!
I loved the cover, I think it gave a professional office-like appearance to the book. Good paragraph structuring and minimal grammar errors.
and i think this sounds really interesting :) your style of writing is really great yet touching as well