Knockout ||Z.M|| (MATURE)

Knockout ||Z.M|| (MATURE)

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Iced Teá By Spitefully Updated Nov 26

"You should've walked away when you had the chance."

Angelina Moretti never thought she'd end up this way. Trapped inside a lie that's been dug so deep she can't crawl out of. 

It all started out so simple. An assignment, Find a topic worthy of printing in her college campus newspaper-a final hurrah to celebrate the years closing with a bang. Sounded simple enough, right? 

Nothing in life is ever simple. 

Especially when the subject of your story happens to be an up and coming ultimate fighting contender who's face has seen more tabloids than you've ever been able to purchase.

In comes the complicated. 

Is it possible to expose Las Vegas's biggest star on the rise-without getting knocked onto the ground first? 

That's the risk Angelina is willing to take. The problem is that she's up against her biggest opponent and he's not willing to let her go...not without a fight first. 

Mysterious, Dark and too damn handsome for his own good, Zayn Malik is definitely not someone worth messing with in or outside the ring. Ever since he hit the fighting scene, his secrets have been his and his alone to keep, making the mass of women that admire, want to Fùck him and stalk him, hungry for more. 

Only the golden boy has an affinity for illegal fighting, one that if exposed- could not only ruin his career but boost Angelina's own. 

Assigned to investigate Zayn and reveal and expose him as a fraud, she's determined to make him the story that will change her life for the better...

Angelina just never imagined that Zayn would change her life for the better, too...

Started: June, 24,2016
Ended: --


Hmmmm wonder how she describes Zayn then??? He's a solid 15 on the screw me meter!!!!!
I would have to agree that Zayn is DEFINITELY the kind of guy you ditch your panties for!!!!!!!
blurredness blurredness Nov 26
God I've only read the first chapter and I'm already soooo in it!!!
primrose_1D primrose_1D Oct 12
Maaan i wouldve  been like oh its......... NONE OF YO DAMN BUISNESS BRUH, NOW LET ME GO
-sexyrss- -sexyrss- 6 hours ago
So basically if I was this Nina girl and Zayn ran up to me and asked me to meet up with him back stage I would have told my brother to eat a bag of dicks and followed Zayn where ever he lead me!