Zane X Reader -ON HOLD-

Zane X Reader -ON HOLD-

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You watch as a blue eyed girl walked down the hallway, head down doing her best to go unnoticed when a certain black haired bully approached her. Zane walked up to the blond haired girl and pushed her down. 

Stepping out in the middle of the hallway you exclaim, "Hey pick on someone your own size!" 

Zane leaves the poor girl alone but not before sending you a nasty glare. Brat

 You quickly ran over to the girl and spoke in your kindest voice. It's not that kind but it'll have to do

 "Are you okay?"

" Y-yes." She manages to stutter out. 

"It's okay I'm not here to hurt you." She gave you a surprised look as her blue eyes look like she'd just seen Irene herself. Irene, how lonely is this girl?

"R-really?" She asks still surprised. 

"Yes." You reply without hesitation. Maybe I'll make a friend, for once...

"Well then I'm Emmalyn and I'm new." She says suddenly gaining a bit of confidence. 

"I can tell." You say smiling. Why the fuck am I smiling? 

"I'm y/n." And with that a new friendship was born.
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