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Ignorance is a Bitch

Ignorance is a Bitch

3.3M Reads 157K Votes 83 Part Story
Soumya By WhiskyInATeacup Completed

(#1 Humor #1 Teen Fiction)
     Meet Astrid, the girl with Beckham's skills, Bruce lee's fist, Satan's mind and Einstein's brain. Her life revolved around 3 guys- overprotective twin brothers and cool as cucumber dad.
    But change is inevitable.
    Her world was no less. Everything changed for her the day she found herself pressed against an alley wall with a gun on her forehead.
    A series of planned coincidences forced one too many people in her life and when I say people, 99 percent chances are that I am talking about boys.
    Bad boys.
    A potential gang member, a hot-cold neighbor, a breathtakingly gorgeous nerd, an Abercrombie and Fitch model like player, an absolutely drool-worthy ex-crush and a sexy rival captain, later, she was harshly slapped out of her ignorance by a truth.
    A truth that changed everything.
      If you clicked this book in expectations of finding another Damsel in distress who turned badass after her knight in shining armor entered on a jet black bike, then you're sadly mistaken. There won't be any pushover nerd evolving into badass of town or any player becoming a one woman man.
      Dedicated to my siblings :)

TinaGrey16 TinaGrey16 5 days ago
All the comments are "me as a parent " Lol the future parents gonna rock
brandolynnicole brandolynnicole 2 days ago
Someone should have told me that this book was based upon me!😂💀💀
- - 2 days ago
I love this book! If you guys want to check out more Teen Fiction like this, check out my book currently under way: Easy as ABC's. Hope you like it!
Writersblogx Writersblogx 4 days ago
Hold up. How is she watching Teen Wolf when Stiles, Lydia, AND Theo are in it? 
                              This is about one of the creepiest ways to break the fourth wall
talia_felicity talia_felicity 7 hours ago
I like how you can't call them hot. But you can call them "gorgeous with a capital g" 😂😂😂
lizania lizania 3 days ago
Well I wear glasses, and let me tell you I'm not close to be a nerd 😂😂😂😂 I wish I was doe must be good to be smart 😂