Best Mistake | E. D.

Best Mistake | E. D.

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"Now why were you crying?" he asked concerned.

I started to wipe away some of the tear stains left on my cheeks, and said, "It was nothing. Something stupid."

"Well it seems like something serious by the looks of it..." he started, and I just stared at him. "Look, it's okay if you won't tell me what happened. It's just that I saw you over here crying your eyes out, and I got worried a bit..."

I stared at him a bit confused. "Why would you be worried for me?" I asked him. "You don't even know me."

☾ In which an innocent girl who's living in an abusive relationship finds someone who will be willing to help her get out of it, but will also develop feelings along the way ☽

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Imma hit him with my bosnian papuča! (Basically a chancla but better >:3)
Imma just say she has black ripped jeans with a black cropped hoodie some roses on the sleeves and white converse and Yo hair in two Dutch braids.
aleckzX aleckzX Aug 24
Bitch I would have snatched the balls out of him so he’ll never have babies again
Bitch I didn’t throw it, you ain’t gonna catch anything besides these hands. Jokes Ethan you can pick me up at 8