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Best Mistake (Ethan Dolan fanfic)

Best Mistake (Ethan Dolan fanfic)

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dolan af By dreamyxdolans Completed

Living in an abusive relationship isn't as easy as it seems. For 16 year old Elena Pierce, life is dreadful for her with her current boyfriend treating her cruelly. But what will happen if she meets a boy, Ethan Dolan, along the way? 

Will Ethan help Elena with getting out of her boyfriends trap? 

What would happen if they gained feelings for each other? 

If things do spinoff between Ethan and Elena, what will happen if things get bumpy during their relationship? 

Well I guess you'll have to read to find out. 

*This story takes place when they're older and not famous.

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AyeshaNameeta AyeshaNameeta Dec 11, 2016
I was crying a bit while reading it at first, but when I saw that a boy came up to her with a freckle, ON HIS CHEEK, I was instantly smiling ☺
sneakindolans sneakindolans Aug 30, 2016
This reminds me of TVD . Katherine pierce, Elena Gilbert😂😂
yiikesdolan yiikesdolan Oct 15, 2016
Literally first chapter, and I'm already in love with this book!😍😭 U are such a talented writer!
orypeaches orypeaches Jan 21
I seriously read Elena as Ethan and then I saw current boyfriend... and was like... huh?
I swear if I had a boyfriend I'd call the cops on him in the mall ... he couldn't do anything there ...
CincyGirl37 CincyGirl37 Nov 15, 2016
Anyone else think of TVD when you see the name Elena Pierce? TBH I don't think it's a coincidence