Best Mistake | E. D.

Best Mistake | E. D.

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Living in an abusive relationship isn't as easy as it seems. For 16 year old Elena Pierce, life is dreadful for her with her current boyfriend treating her cruelly. But what will happen if she meets a boy, Ethan Dolan, along the way? 

Will Ethan help Elena with getting out of her boyfriends trap? 

What would happen if they gained feelings for each other? 

If things do spinoff between Ethan and Elena, what will happen if things get bumpy during their relationship? 

Well I guess you'll have to read to find out. 


It would mean a lot if you please don't copy this story and all my other stories and its plots :) 
Thank you very much

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dildolan420 dildolan420 Feb 28
Um no get some zumiez, American eagle, and vans in your life. Then come talk to me ahhaha
Selena_Dallasss Selena_Dallasss Dec 16, 2017
My name is Selena but my best friend calls me Elena cause I’m obsessed with the vampire diaries
erin7dolan erin7dolan Dec 22, 2017
what’s pre-k ?? I’m aussie so I have no idea lmao 🤷🏼‍♀️
mattymilk mattymilk Nov 16, 2017
Elena Pierce was the name of my math teacher freshman year oh
layelasfour layelasfour Dec 23, 2017
Wait so when did Elena and Katherine get married ? Did I miss a season ?
nvaehstrng nvaehstrng Jan 28
How about a black hoodie crop top with roses on the sleeves and ripped jeans also Adidas with either a messy bun or 2 Dutch braids=Quality 👌