Chal Wahan Jaate Hain #missiondesi

Chal Wahan Jaate Hain #missiondesi

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Aisha By _winter_love_ Updated Dec 03

"One day, even I'll be lost in these thousands of stars. And I'll be in a world of complete happiness."


Anya is a a twenty five year girl suffering from myelogenous leaukemia. Knowing the she doesn't have much time to live, she makes a list of things to do before she dies. 

On her wedding day - when she runs away from home - she is kidnapped by her billionaire father's rival's son. He wants revenge from her father for the death of his parents.

But Anya and her kidnapper, Ayaan, plan to fulfill her wishes. Being the wacky person she is, she changes him. Two people, both dark and rebellious, fall in love unexpectedly. Almost as if lost. But Anya knows she can't love him. She can't love anyone. One day she will leave and her loved ones will be heartbroken. 

She believes that there is a world where there's only happiness. No pain at all. Where love lasts forever. But somew love stories are beyond life and death. Chal wahan jaate hain.

Life is a journey and one day it will eventually come to an end. We don't know when so instead of saying that "I have enough time in my life to do it," you should actually do it now. Cause one day, we will all be stars in the sky. Completely lost.

Kriti Sanon as Anya Singh 
Tiger Shroff as Ayaan Kapoor
Dalip Tahil as Samar Singh
Varun Sharma as Karan
Krishna Abhiskek as Raj
Riteish Deshmukh as Sameer
Akshay Kumar as Akkash Singh
Shahid Kapoor as Rahul Singh
Kareena Kapoor as Sameera Singh
Rimi Sen as Sunaina Singh
Lucy Hale as Cindy Samuels

Harshali Malhotra as Ananya Singh
Shivansh Kotia as Kabir Singh

sahelam sahelam Jun 25
Wow!!! Your story is so cool and so was your video about it. Both of them were great 
                              Plz update the second chapter very soon. Good luck
bgirly16 bgirly16 Jun 03
Hey I really enjoyed your story! You should post more! You are really good! If you wouldn't mind checking out and commenting or voting on Chapter 6 of my book Firefly it'd mean a lot ☺️☺️❤️❤️
What?! 😱😲 That's awful! Poor her 😢 And you can't just force her to marry an old man! That's so wrong 😠
First chapter I've read and I'm already hooked! Can't wait to read more 😃
nerdyhajira nerdyhajira Jul 11
OMG this has got me hooked!!! As you can tell my by profile pic im a huge fan of KRITIGER so I'm really excited