Forgive Me [Book 3]

Forgive Me [Book 3]

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Nini ❤️ By NiniBrandon Updated Feb 21

Elaine Dawson wants commitment. She met her on again off again boyfriend, Tyrell Anderson, when she was sixteen years old. It's six years later and that flame has only intensified. She's busy managing her social media career, freelance makeup clientele and developing her own makeup line. But who cares about success when love is on the horizon?

Elaine thinks she knows what is holding Tyrell back from commitment: a stupid argument from years ago. One argument where she blurted out a few hurtful comments, not knowing that they would damage her future with Tyrell. 
Taylor Robinson is a self-proclaimed "ultimate artist." Capitalizing on her strengths, she opened Ultimate- her studio/gallery/boutique. Her passion is to create art that tightens an individual's connection to bliss. Or simply, she likes to make people feel good. 

Taylor prides herself on her ability to stay grounded. She thrives on peace, in her home, in her relationships, and in her business. She lives a serene life...or she did until a new client arrives to disrupt the harmony.

Both women are desperate to move on from past situations and all they need is a little forgiveness.

(This is book contains spoilers to Just Love Me and Trust Me.)

patrob76 patrob76 Dec 18, 2016
Oh Taylor, I thought it was going to scary being your mind, but for now, I actually understand what you're thinking. :)
LaydyAdrian LaydyAdrian Jun 18, 2016
I'm loving this. Something new but still getting updates on my new favorite couple (Rick and Elle).
victorianbabe94 victorianbabe94 Jun 09, 2016
Hmmm.... For a second there, I forgot this girl gets in my nerves with her taoistic riddles. 😒
toccaralanee toccaralanee Jun 02, 2016
That's how you get your nigga to act right get attention for a new man lol I like Austin already I hope he plays a big part in her life
toccaralanee toccaralanee Jun 08, 2016
Don't be salty Tay you had him and clearly didn't want him so please don't be that petty ex girlfriend down the line
Whoa_boW Whoa_boW Jun 15, 2016
This is why I don't like Taylor. She's so passive. That and she's petty but not the funny kind. 😑