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Osomatsu-san x Reader [One-shots]

Osomatsu-san x Reader [One-shots]

10.6K Reads 340 Votes 7 Part Story
Angelina By Merrowland Updated Jan 08

~Like the title says~
Various Osomatsu-san x Reader One-shots

Tordorito Tordorito Oct 21, 2016
@Merrowland Pfft, yeah. I was about to say the exact same thing after, actually. I don't mean to kink shame or anything, because I'm kinda into some weird a** sh*t too. But yeah, I see what you're saying.
Julzsprite Julzsprite Sep 04, 2016
Are requests still open? Cause a choromatsux reader lemon would be nice. As well as a ichimatsux neko reader. I'll put scenarios of the requests are still open.
Merrowland Merrowland Oct 21, 2016
@XxAru_ChiixX Well, I don't kink shame people because I'm also into some f*cked up sh*t xD but vore is just really uncomfortable for me, that's why I don't accept those.
trashimatsu trashimatsu Sep 21, 2016
Are requests still open? Bc I'm really craving for a Ichimatsu x reader x jyushimatsu lemon 🌚🌚
Texhn0 Texhn0 Jul 02, 2016
If requests are still open can I get a Ichi x reader lyric-fic type thing to the song "Mrs potato head" about the reader doubting her looks and ichi helps her?
UnburnableTrash UnburnableTrash Jun 16, 2016
I'd hate to bother you but is are you still  doing my request? It's okay if you aren't, life gets busy. :)