One Direction Imagines - He finds out you're ticklish

One Direction Imagines - He finds out you're ticklish

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Nope By louistagramxx Updated Aug 04, 2013


    "Babe, I'm home!" You hear Liam come in and shut the door from downstairs. You hear him hang up his coat and set down his keys before coming up the steps towards the bedroom. You sigh and lay down quickly under the covers, reminding yourself that he's two hours late, and you need to remain mad at him, no matter what.

    "Babe?" You hear him slowly open the door, stepping in and closing it behind him. He makes his way across the room and sits on the bed next to you, pulling down the covers. 

 He sighs and looks at you, figuring he would apologize in the morning for being late. He runs a finger down your cheek, trying to move a hair out of your face, causing you to giggle.

    "Huh. It would seem like someone's not asleep after all." He chuckles, watching you smile and bite your lip, pulling the covers over your head and hiding from him.

    "Oh come on, baby, you can't stay mad at me forever." He sighs, trying to pull the blankets down. But it's no use, you have the blan...

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