My Love For a DrugLord: Love, Drugs, and Betrayal

My Love For a DrugLord: Love, Drugs, and Betrayal

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We Have Each Other By Willnide0357 Completed

Dealing with her father being a school bus driver and her mother's drug addiction. Nina Jewel Harris is having trouble achieving her dreams: wanted to go back to college, finish her last two years, open her own business of cosmetic products, and she needed to help out her little brother Jethro. So the only way to earn all that money is through being a bartender during the day and a stripper but only for private dances at a stripper club called "The Sexy KJ's". Will this new job able to help her achieve her dreams?

Ke'Jerome "K.J" Knight III is known the top drug lord all over three states: Florida, California, and New York. Also, he's known as the third leader after his grandfather Kenneth J the first, and his father Keith J the second. K.J will do whatever it takes to keep his family throne line in order. After that amazing party he received from his younger brother Kent and his best hand Chauncey. K.J couldn't keep his mind straight after meeting a beautiful, right head woman Nina Harris. He will do whatever it takes, to give her everything she dreamed of and make her as his queen to the throne of Knights. 

Kent Aidan Knight is the youngest in the family and isn't royal like his brother. Which is good for him because loves what he's doing in his life. Even though his older brother has all the glory and responsibility from his father. Kent is happy that he doesn't have so much on his plate. With all the drugs going in and out, a beautiful woman on his side, nothing could stop him.

Leeyana "Lee" Smith is a wonderful, independent woman. She's a nail stylist and hard working mother. The big problem she have is... her biggest crush on Ke'Jerome, she wanted him since senior year in college. But when she found out that his eyes is already laid on another woman, it's her job to find out who is trying to steal the man of her dreams.

Find out how love, drugs and betrayal throughout each one of them and can destroy them all.

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Willnide0357 Willnide0357 Sep 18, 2016
Thank you! & dang girl, I feel like you know the whole entire book! But definitely there will be dramaaa! Lol.