|| Laurens I Like You A Lot || Laurens X Reader || Completed ||

|| Laurens I Like You A Lot || Laurens X Reader || Completed ||

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Boyf Riends By LaurensMySenpai Completed

I do not own Hamilton, nor did I make Hamilton. (Though it would be really cool) 

This is just a Laurens X Reader I thought I'd make. Watch the story unfold.

This is a Modern AU with the modern Hamilton characters.

Angie, Eliza, Peggy, Laf, Herc, Alex, and Elizabeth.. who is legit like Eliza.
Im sorry i just couldn't resist! Haha and what about Aaron Burr? And his...heh...BURRse
717Totoro 717Totoro Jun 03
I've always dreamed for Alexander Hamilton to be my brother ☺️
I sometimes find it annoying when I'm reading a Hamilton fanfic and my name is also Alex and I have to deal with MR FREAKIN ALEXANDER HAMILTON, I'm just ugh
I just read your bio! Yeeet! Same! I'm bi too, love Laurens, is thirteen, (but my mind is older, these new york streets ge-) aHEM And I like making puns and references too. ;3
*screeches*"NO!! My Precious Freckle buddy!!! Im literally the only one with freckles in my family and out of all my friends!!"((in real life i am....sadly...*sniff*imma freckled girl that loves turtles))