The Rogue One (Werewolf!2p!Canada X Reader)

The Rogue One (Werewolf!2p!Canada X Reader)

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Proceed with caution By MidnightSheW0lf Updated Aug 05

A rouge.

That is what you are now. After your father killed your mother, the alphas of the Halfclaw pack because you and her siblings were pups of a human. The three of you ran away in effect exiling yourselves.

You now face many challenges and choices: Join another Pack? Become a Lone wolf? Remain a rogue? It's all down to you, but remember:

The wilderness is full of secrets and everyone is after something.

I believe you mean Rogue (one without a group) rather than Rouge (a type of makeup)
I'm interested to see how this one plays out, I'm a sucker for supernatural being stories.