Found at last, Mitch is on his way back home. But four years can do a lot to someone. Will he be able to go back to his normal life, or will the horrors he endured finally finish what they started: Destroying him.

Scott, four years in the force, helped save the boy he kidnapped all those years ago from the nightmare he had been living. But now, he feels obligated to to keep helping Mitch out of the pit. As suicide reports of more of these rescued victims come in,  Scott begins to worry.

Book Two in Absent Series

"Yes, home."

"No. Not home. This is just another Hell Hole with a nice name slapped on it."

(Warning: Self harm, rape, death)

Completed. Now Editing

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the-raven-queen the-raven-queen Jun 12, 2016
Omg I prying that mitch doesn't die but I have a really bad feeling that your gonna have Tuesday kill himself and oh God I hope I'm not giving you ideas.