Empty || m.yg

Empty || m.yg

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☾BTS stuff ☽ By bts_please Completed

"I'm empty. There's no point anymore." 

"There's always a point. I'll be your point."

"It doesn't work that way, Yoongi."

"It works whatever way you want it to work, it's your life." 

"I don't want it to work at all anymore."

"It'll be okay..."

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What type of bs is this wtf why would you this is why the world is a shitty place
I just destroyed my resolution to stay away from yoongi BC I have exams coming up. Mwahaha
Dont forget was with a bunch of people that wanted to rape you
it isnt that much of an age gap haha
                              (me trying to have hope to at least be in jungkooks age range)
I'm ugly af no one would want to do it with me nor rape me lmao
Russian Yuri? Ice which Yuri is on? Too many Yuris 
                              I just realized that is was spelled Yeri so his can't be joe anymore but Imma post it anyway