Double Trouble

Double Trouble

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Reading_Freak By kayla234 Updated Nov 30, 2014

Misty has always felt out of place, a loner. so when she goes to Fields Inc. she finds herself not only a new job as a PA to her bosses twin son's, but she's also introduced to world she never knew about, and suddenly she doesn't feel out of place she feels............ wanted.

OK this story will be filled with a lot of rated-r scenes so if you can't handle it I advise you to back away slowly with your hands in the air.
and since I really didn't get any feedback on my other story I have stopped writing that one for now (if you read it I am sorry in advanced on how bad it was I'm in the process of editing the chapters I have up already) and if this one doesn't get any feedback I will stop it too. I'm sorry if I sound bitchy but I really need to know how I'm doing so I can make this story enjoyable for you guys.

OK done with the lecture so tell me how does it sound and if I should continue with the story.

kayla234 kayla234 Apr 21, 2015
Thank you for the offer but currently I have an author and we're looking to have everything updated and moving forward sometime early summer!  
                              But I will definitely keep you in mind if I were to need another one!
Dominicana22 Dominicana22 Dec 17, 2014
this story based on the description sound promising and unpredictable .