Xever's Daughter

Xever's Daughter

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Anime Fangirl By Raphewel122 Updated 6 days ago

(Y/n) is the one and only child of Xever otherwise known as Fish face. She works alongside Karai for Shredder. Xever loves his daughter and is an over protective father, unfortunately. 

But what happens when a red masked hot head meets her? Will Xever ever agree to the relationship? What about Raphaels brothers? And what about Raphaels relationship with Mona Lisa?

This is a Raph x Reader

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robbiej1234 robbiej1234 Mar 18
I am sickened of myself I love Mona Lisa but not this one we have now. You know the one in space she makes my skin crawl
Are you talking about m- (looks behind self to see Xever with  hair) nope he's talking about him (facepalms)
Yo I haven't watched tent in for eva and when u said Mona Lisa I'm like: BRO YOU BE DATING A FAMOUS PAINTING, AWH HELL NAW IM YOUR SENPAI
Ace12009 Ace12009 May 03
My skin tone is all over the place in real like. But i am going to us my oc.
I have hazel eyes but they look golden or green most of the time golden
Honestly when I first started writing books for the fourth season of TMNT I was like:Ima KILLL OFF MONA AND IMA MAKE HER PAY