Xever's Daughter

Xever's Daughter

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Tmnt Fangirl By Raphewel122 Updated 3 days ago

(Y/n) is the one and only child of Xever otherwise known as Fish face. She works alongside Karai for Shredder. Xever loves his daughter and is an over protective father, unfortunately. 

But what happens when a red masked hot head meets her? Will Xever ever agree to the relationship? What about Raphaels brothers? And what about Raphaels relationship with Mona Lisa?

This is a Raph x Reader

F_Society15 F_Society15 Sep 27, 2016
I'm dark skinned too it wouldn't be much of a surprise if I was xevers daughter xD
flop101 flop101 Oct 07, 2016
Mona betrayed the turtles in one of the episodes... I still don't forgive her. Raph was heartbroken! And she will pay.
Fiorxz Fiorxz Jan 10
                              *Five minutes later mona is missing and i have lizarded skin boots on
KingRaptorTheUnicorn KingRaptorTheUnicorn Jul 29, 2016
I thought this was still in my pov, so I'm like, cool Mona is my girl. But no it's Raphs
illustrated illustrated Jan 01
Long (to butt length) with natural ombré hair. This is my actual hair!
Daves_Burning_Nuts Daves_Burning_Nuts Nov 19, 2016
Pfft hey don't make fun of my daddy he didn't all ways look like that