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♡ Utaites x Reader ♡

♡ Utaites x Reader ♡

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hyejin By mufflerxo Updated Feb 17

REQUESTS 「closed」
a bunch of oneshots that i make for you other utaite fans like me xD 
i try to publish one per week :3 
i hope you enjoy my random oneshots!
thank you for all your support ♡ 

© mufflerxo 2017
disclaimer: I do not own these utaites, they own themselves c:

Me_gestorum Me_gestorum Aug 09, 2016
Can I request more Amatsuki x Reader? :'v 
                              Ahem... If you are bored writing bout Amatsuki 😂
                              Can you write a story about un:c or hashiyan or kashitaro  x reader? :3
TiffanybvnnyPastry TiffanybvnnyPastry Aug 28, 2016
is it okay to request un:c x reader? > /// < *hides quickly in embarassment*
Misao-shan Misao-shan Aug 07, 2016
*whispers* Soraru x Reader
                              If you want
                              Becuz I love Soraru vv much w
lonelyotaku98 lonelyotaku98 Aug 10, 2016
Can i request a fluffy movie night with kashi please :3
                              Thank you so much :D
Lilly_Demon Lilly_Demon Sep 19, 2016
Yeee, I know there's one already....but how about kradness x Utaite! Reader? c:
boldwriter4 boldwriter4 5 days ago
Can I request a Mafumafu x Lying! Deperessed! Reader? Lying as in like she's faking her emotions something like Kano Shuuya from Kagerou Project. 
                              Deperessions getting to ms hard and I need this cute albino shota to cheer me up ;-;