Attack on One Punch Man [Feat. F!Reader]

Attack on One Punch Man [Feat. F!Reader]

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sleepy_chazy_sensei By sleepy_chazy_sensei Updated May 08

"...What the heck is this place?" Saitama (when in the Shingeki no Kyojin world).

You, Saitama and Genos end up getting sent back in time from a villian scientist who is somehow able to control time and space by using an Ancient Time Necklace.

They make a few encounters with the people of the timeline they are stuck in as they try and find a way back home...and the three of you decide to join them in their war? Even though they think of you three as their enemy?

[Reader is a 23 year old female hero, younger sister of Saitama]

[Apologies for any spelling or punctuation errors in advance]

*reads first two sentences* //le gasp *irregular worms moves at the floor* *reads third sentence* //le gasp *ugh, wtf?*
FreedSpirit FreedSpirit Apr 26
So i just read the discription and the villan can travel through time and space? *thinks of add from elsword*
No you must'nt! We love you egg head! It's so... *Pats his head* SHINY! I CAN SEE THE MILK WAY!
JolteonGirl JolteonGirl Mar 28
Fun fact: 'Oppai' means 'titties'. 
                              So if one wears that goodie,  they are basically walking around with a shirt that says boobs.
Acid_Lilac Acid_Lilac Apr 14
I'm rereading this XD it was too amazing a story to only read once
Mimi heart attack 
                                   Mini stroke
                                       💀 💀
                              Don't scare me like that