Hair (Yang X Reader)

Hair (Yang X Reader)

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Fucking Idiot By NotJester116 Completed

"Oh son...were so happy for you"
"And proud of you for going to beacon"

Those were the words said by your mother and father before leaving for beacon

"Hi, I'm Ruby"
"Hey Cutie, I'm Yang, Ruby's older sister"

The words spoke by the sisters you met at beacon, and would soon be one of your many friends at beacon

"I'm sorry Y/N are you okay"

The words your father said when he accidentally cut your chest open with your brothers sword

"Remember...stay strong,follow your dreams, and make sure you stay alive for mom,dad,big brother, and me okay"

The words spoke by your younger brother after he was paralyzed from the neck down from a beowolf attack

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Helo new waifu, pleasure meating you.... really, it is......
MEADynasty MEADynasty Jan 27
Good thing it'll specify by saying the usual Y/h, because if it didn't, it'd be confusing in my case
I dont know why but whenever i read storys i imagine the fathers sounding like hickups dad from how to train your dragon. Or joe baker from re7
So we have to hand feed him and he is practically literally useless now. Don't mean to be cruel or dark, just stating facts.