Swept Away

Swept Away

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Ima Just Sit Here... By AllAreWelcome Updated Jul 27

A friendship between an Error and an abomination. If you can even call it a friendship, that is. Blue tries to survive and escape his captivity all while trying to save his captor. There are many bumps and *cough*sufferings*cough *along the way, but he can do this! Yeah... He can do this..

AH HAHAHAHAHA   I'm a horrible person...  Anyways! Here's my first FRIENDshiping fanfic. I've never really written anything like this before, so please bear with me. xD
*Every chapter is at least a thousand words or more.
*I'll add additional tags as the story progresses, so no spoilies~
*I'll put the respected warnings at the top of each individual chapter, that way it's easier to see if you want (or can) read it or not
*Relatively pg/pg13, but I'm no professional rater.
*This is actually a pretty long story, so buckle up folks, this is going to be a wild ride!

If  y'all need a song to demonstrate the emotions and what's gonna happen w/out spoilers here's a song: https://soundcloud.com/nomyn/time
There's no lyrics and is pure aesthetic.

lel, Number 1 rule of everything  ALWAYS SMILE AT blood, violence, murder and suffering people or items
Century_Write Century_Write Sep 05, 2016
TFAblitzbee TFAblitzbee Jan 27
Pretty good and I don't get really how he knocked him out at the end
pazazcat pazazcat Jul 29, 2016
this is written so well!! its so intriguing!! and the you portray the characters so accordingly!! I love it! :D