Ebony Rabbit✔

Ebony Rabbit✔

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"Love wasn't made for the soft, Bunny." He touched the bottle to his lips and gulped down the liquor.
"So is that why you didn't want to get back together? Because you were soft?" 
"No, I didn't want to get back together because I realized that you weren't worth turning soft for." He muttered coldly, rendering me speechless.

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Prominent for her good girl attitude and optimism, Maya Harrison had everything she could have possibly desired in high school. The highest grades, the best reputation, the mysterious boyfriend that all boys wanted to be and all girls wanted to have. Though, a break up between her and her beloved has altered her perception of the picture perfect life she has always had.

Now at 23, Maya is living the adult life, fulfilling her successful college experience. Everything seems to be falling into place again, despite her past relationship. 

But what happens when Alex comes back into the mix of things? The once cold-hearted high-schooler feared by all but Maya returns in her life after a not-so-lucky coincidence, ultimately turning her world completely upside down. 

So what happens when the opposite forces, also former lovers collide again? will it crash and burn? Or will they both have a second chance to fix the mistakes they've made?


May contain suicidal content. If you are a person who is easily triggered, please do not read this.The content that may be found is not extremely heavy. Though, please be aware that you WILL come across delicate topics.DO NOT comment anything rude in terms of these topics.

If you dislike interracial relationships, do not read this story. 

All rights reserved. Do not copy my work and post it as your own or anyone else's but mine. I do not condone plagiarism.  Everyone here  has worked hard to create their works and copying them won't benefit you in the end.

-Mildly Mature content incl

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kylaroo11 kylaroo11 Feb 24
Are you misspelling his name? It’s A-L-E-X, repeat it after me sweetie
If its him I’m deleting Wattpad restarting my phone and selling it 🙃
Who? What? Is that a disease? I’m srry I’ve never heard of this
I would never want to scream his name what were his parents thinking
She skipped everything wtff but yess girl get yo education 🙌🏽