Zootopia High! (#Watty's2016)

Zootopia High! (#Watty's2016)

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Judith Hopps transfers to a new high school called zootopia high. She meets a fox who she later developed feelings for. 
Nick, who is the fox developed feelings for Judy. In the middle of it all lies someone filled with anger against Judy. They target Nick and start an all out blood war. From savage animals to exploding vehicles, they managed to survive...


This book is not at all what you expect.

RichardTello12345 RichardTello12345 Nov 06, 2016
This remind me of last summer when i got transferred to another college.i was very shy
-Inksplosion- -Inksplosion- Aug 06, 2016
Is this for 13+? I am just wondering. Also, great story! Keep it up! 👍
Well Nick isn't fast to trust but it's cute how you put this in your lovely story!🙂
JessicaSuttles JessicaSuttles Dec 20, 2016
His being a jerk because it's a dear and his gonna get the feels, but be embarrassed because of she's gonna get hurt and it's gonna be sad.
QuintenLee7 QuintenLee7 Dec 06, 2016
HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That brings a whole new meaning to Savage! And I read Kisses of the Rain (I hate you for Bryson Btw)
_Unfollow_Me_ _Unfollow_Me_ Dec 06, 2016
Daamn First Day At A New School And Already Being Called A Sluut, GURL You Did Something Wrong