In Love With The Werewolf Prince (LGBT) ✅ under editing

In Love With The Werewolf Prince (LGBT) ✅ under editing

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Jaxon Michaels, is an 18 year old, shy 5'2 with a heart of gold and is loved by his pack, yes pack. Jaxon Michael's is a werewolf, an Omega to be more precise. His guarded by the pack as Omegas are like diamonds. If so much as a bruise is found on an Omega be it by a pack member of class mate, you best be ready to get your ass kicked. He lost his parents, Lucas and Cassidy, during a rogue attack 10 years ago and ever since then, his father's best friend has taken him in, current alpha of the Royal Blood, pack. He has yet to find his mate, but he's not in a rush. He likes to take things slow and enjoy life.

 Maximillian 'Max' D'Angelo is the Wolf Price and at 22 years of age he is the most sought out bachelors in the werewolf community with his  care-free spirit and wild personality but he's one of those people who is calm when need be and straight when one of his people causes havoc. He was the one who put the law on protecting Omegas as his mother had been one before her death 12 years ago. He's yet to find his mate but for now he will enjoy his freedom and protect his pack.

What will happen when Max runs into Jaxon when the Omega goes to the store for the pack's dinner, will they accept each other or will they just look the other way and act as if there was nothing going on between them? What will Max do when he sees Jax being harassed by a group of wolves will he cave into the mate bond or will he ignore it? That and many more questions shall be answered when you read, In Love With The Werewolf Prince.

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Luddsig Luddsig Nov 25, 2017
I am confused.. in the desc and in the characters description Jaxon was obviously a boy.. What happened?
Ela_Rivers Ela_Rivers Aug 29, 2017
Isnt she supposed to be the next luna since she is mated to the alpha's son?
TedReddy TedReddy Sep 23, 2017
My exact reaction whenver my mom gave me a list of things to buy at the walmart. T_T
Mayachuchu13 Mayachuchu13 Aug 09, 2017
I didn't have my glasses on and thought this was Putin 😂😂
parker-adams parker-adams May 29, 2017
Why do they insist on sending him out alone when that's how he got raped ?
How come he wasn’t banished for being a rapist or sent to the dungeon??