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Destiny Rebirth

Destiny Rebirth

196K Reads 7.5K Votes 88 Part Story
Destiny Productions By DestinyProduction Completed

5 years after Ash's death, the ultimate Pokémon tournament is being held. All the best trainers are competing in it. A mysterious masked trainer suddenly appears and intense drama unfolds. He seems to have an interest in a certain blue-eyed performer, but why? Who's the masked trainer? What's his goal? And most importantly, who'll win the tournament?

KayalAdventures KayalAdventures Oct 30, 2016
his father die? Did you watch the show the mother die I think cause they never show her?
Queenofwp98 Queenofwp98 Oct 08, 2016
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                              (Refiere a vienticinco amigos y tu nombre estara en la historia) !!
jb000029 jb000029 Feb 02
I'm crying for her I read tons of fan fiction and this is the first one that makes me cry
kaylajboucher kaylajboucher Oct 03, 2016
Ehem, it was his mother I belive, his father is alive in the TV series
Bat_Pool Bat_Pool Oct 04, 2016
I cannot decide whether or not to laugh or cry. The dude is dead, but ASHes of a falling hero.....huh.
spacekittypokemon spacekittypokemon Oct 11, 2016
D: oh my gosh im going to cry. and why is Trevor there?! XD shouldn't it be Clemont or Bonnie? XD