Assassinating the Bulletproof Boy Scouts

Assassinating the Bulletproof Boy Scouts

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"A pillow?" I raised an eyebrow as I lowered my knife ever so slightly. "Really?"
Jungkook popped his head up from the corner of the pillow. "Well if you would've let me know that you were planning on sneaking into my room at 2:30 A.M to try and kill me then I might have been slightly more prepared."
I looked at him in this state. Messy bed head, slightly too long gray sweets and... no shirt. Shit. I forced my eyes back to his face mostly covered by the pillow he was holding. "What makes you think I have come to kill you?"
"Oh I don't know." Jungkook rolled his eyes, high sarcasm dripping into his voice. "Maybe because for the past week that has been your sole purpose in life. Also, you are holding a knife in my face. Maybe that screams truths where you are from, but here that is a little unsettling."
"Actually," I said, spinning the knife in my hand which made Jungkook flinch. "I was on my way to kill you. I had my grenade ready and everything-"
"Fuck me." Jungkook muttered, taking a step back.
"Now let me finish." I pointed. "I said I WAS on my way to kill you, until I overheard this." I held up a recorder, waving it back and forth slightly. Jungkook lowered the pillow so he could see clearly, curiosity flooding his eyes. I grinned at his expression. "Looks like we are going to have to work together on this one Golden Maknae."  

America's most viscous team of assassins, Titania, are called to help control BTS, the most dangerous street gang in Seoul Korea.  When their first attempt doesn't go as planned, Katrina, the wildest member of Titania, takes matters into her own hands. She is a no bullshit kind of girl, but when her best match up is the Golden Maknae, she finds herself struggling to focus. What could possibly make these two end up working together? 

With surprise guests EXO and GOT7, we test out if the Bulletproof Boy Scouts are indeed bulletproof.

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Now I'm looking for Jellal, Natsu, Lucy, Grey, Wendy, Juvia & other Fairy Tail members
Fisrt time reading this book. Cant wait for whats to come 😏😏
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I knew it.... 
                              P.s. I am still dead because Jackson's voice
I love your story, its unique and amazing. I was wondering, would you read my story, if it isn't too much?
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Oh look someone with my first name... Kookie saying it killed me though