Stuck in Between (Reaper!Sans X Reader)

Stuck in Between (Reaper!Sans X Reader)

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When your heart stops, you're supposed to stop there. But when your heart stops in the Underground, your soul resets. But what if the reset doesn't work. You're stuck in a stalemate between life and death after your attempted reset glitches. Memories fuzzy and distant, lonely and cold, what does one do to survive their own personal purgatory? 

Average word count: 1800 - 2200


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EclipseNote EclipseNote Jun 17
I ain’t not mistake u pathetic version of a devil mixed with the reaper!!
If that was truly me, I would have slapped his ass not his face XD
knowinghasha knowinghasha 5 days ago
*i think I’m gonna like it here
                              That line made me want to cry because it reminded me something
This small sentence has gotten 160 comments.... wow...... welp i'm adding another comment to this pile.
knowinghasha knowinghasha 5 days ago
Wow I flipped died...welp
                              *WELCOME TO HELL* one option
                              *welcome to heaven* second option
urie-tarded urie-tarded Jul 20
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