Stuck in Between (Reaper!Sans X Reader)

Stuck in Between (Reaper!Sans X Reader)

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BanthaBug By BanthaBug Updated Sep 18

When your heart stops, you're supposed to stop there. But when your heart stops in the Underground, your soul resets. But what if the reset doesn't work. You're stuck in a stalemate between life and death after your attempted reset glitches. Memories fuzzy and distant, lonely and cold, what does one do to survive their own personal purgatory? 

Average word count: 1800 - 2200


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Y/n,me,us. Its okay. Just stay calm and
                              STOP BEING A CHICKEN GO TALK TO DEATH!!!!!!!!
Koykoy_ONLY Koykoy_ONLY Sep 18
Death is a natural process, Tori. Let 'em find her, I'm sure it would work out.
jazzcat0304 jazzcat0304 Jul 10
I don't know why, but I always just feel like I'm reading out of the eyes of another person, I'm incapable of saying my name when y/n pops up... Anybody else like that????
Wow literally just read this as anime ok then *slow claps* Wow me you really are like that when you read don't you?
Roses are red.
                              Violets are blue.
                              So what if I'm a mistake?
                              Boo hoo.
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