Twin Salamanders [Gray X OC]

Twin Salamanders [Gray X OC]

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LovelyAngelLu By LovelyAngelLu Updated Jun 04

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Nashi Dragneel is the Twin Sister of Natsu Dragneel. (Also I am a HUGE NALU FAN. I know Nashi was going to be the name of their child but I like it as a sister name instead.)

She is a Fire Dragon Slayer and raised by Igneel just like Natsu. Nashi risked her life to protect Natsu after an attack from a group of unknown wizards and ends up getting separated from each other. With Natsu thinking she is dead and Igneel's disappearance he joins Fairy Tail. 

Years later Nashi finds him after traveling all around Fiore looking for him followed by her cat/companion Blackie. Watch as Nashi and Blackie joins Fairy Tail's strongest team with Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray and Erza and others as they go on adventures! 

Watch as Fairy Tail's 'Salamander' becomes the 'Twin Salamanders'!

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