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BOYXBOY: Don't like? Don't read. Because it's everywhere honey.

    At birth, everyone was born with a specific tattoo on their left or right wrist. Their soulmate's name. It can never be removed in any way possible, unless you amputate your wrist of course, but who would want to.

   As soon as they come into range with each other for the first time at any age, even seconds after they were born in rare cases, their wrists will start to shine bright gold; and appear throughout any item of clothing, makeup, or jewelry covering it. Even if it's layer, after layer, after layer.

Now the fates don't mind pairing same sex relationships, but others just see it as being born with some kind of omen or bad luck.

But boy, are they so wrong.

Don't hesitate to follow along, as Luca York and company set off to find their soulmates and meet their destinies. One point of view at a time.

Ha, it's summer hear and it rained the whole day, can you guess where I'm from?
Me: Awwww they're so cute.
                              Also me: *throws up* too much sugar
Florida is the worst. I've lived here all my life and I ALWAYS had P.E in the mornings I cri
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Man, if I'm going to freak out over a guy he has to be at least taller than me come on 😂
My fav character😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺
                              nice way of describing his eyes, maybe a different brown like a mocha or something