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Demure_Amethyst By Demure_Amethyst Updated Mar 13

BOYXBOY: Don't like? Don't read. Because it's everywhere honey.

    At birth, everyone was born with a specific tattoo on their left or right wrist. Their soulmate's name. It can never be removed in any way possible, unless you amputate your wrist of course, but who would want to.

   As soon as they come into range with each other for the first time at any age, even seconds after they were born in rare cases, their wrists will start to shine bright gold; and appear throughout any item of clothing, makeup, or jewelry covering it. Even if it's layer, after layer, after layer.

Now the fates don't mind pairing same sex relationships, but others just see it as being born with some kind of omen or bad luck.

But boy, are they so wrong.

Don't hesitate to follow along, as Luca York and company set off to find their soulmates and meet their destinies. One point of view at a time.

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crystalpoops crystalpoops Oct 07, 2016
i dont like these anime refrences. I love anime but the way you are writting anime into this is making you sound like a weaboo. just please no more refrencing animes. Also use realistic names even search up "names for boys" or "names for girls"
SonjaF2 SonjaF2 Sep 28, 2016
Ikr tell me about it it is supposed to be fall right now but here I am it being to hot to live and out of all the times of the year my air conditioning decided to go out today
anja863 anja863 Aug 10, 2016
I love black butler I just wish there was more ships in it than sebaciel
falling_in_reverse11 falling_in_reverse11 Dec 29, 2016
I feel it is my duty to say this: I'm not a vampire but I feel like one!
bangtangirlscout bangtangirlscout Nov 24, 2016
When an author has an album name in the story, and you just about start crying. ( blood, sweat, and tears yasss)